Our Refund Policy

All purchases of our training and informational products are backed by a 100%, Do-The-Work, Money Back Guarantee.

This 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee gives you plenty of time to experience our products and see if they fit your needs.

The only requirement is that you 1) meaningfully engage with the program and 2) feel that we failed to deliver on what we promised. We cannot provide refunds simply because the product wasn't used, the member didn't have time to participate, or a child ended up being disinterested.

But if you meaningfully engage with our programs and feel disappointed in the results you've experienced — contact us for a full refund.

For The Young Writer's Workshop Standard, Academic, or Author tracks please contact: [email protected]

For Do Hard Things University, Raising Kids to Do Hard Things, Do Hard Things Video Conference, etc. please contact: [email protected]

Please provide the following information with your refund/cancellation request: First name, last name, and whether you paid via credit card or PayPal. This information should be identical to the information originally submitted on your order. Please also provide your preferred contact information so we may contact you if we run into any problems with refunding and cancelling your order.